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Introducing the NEW RooDog Cosmo folding electric bike.

Cosmo comes in a choice of 2 colours – Metallic Blue or Metallic Mint Green.  The small step through frame, with integrated battery, makes this a versatile bike for everyone.

Ideal for commuting and leisure adventures, where will Cosmo take you?



The sleek design of the NEW RooDog Cosmo gives riders a solid riding experience with even weight distribution via the integration of the battery into the frame.  The 14” aluminium frame folds offers easy storage at home, in the car and whilst travelling.   

With a 36V 13.2Ah battery which allows for a 40+ mile range (per full charge on the highest speed setting) the 14” step-through frame and small wheels make this bike ideal for riders from 4’9” in height.  This also ensures easy storage and moving when folded.  

Powerful LED lights help to make you visible to other road users as well as lighting the way towards your destination.  The standard LED display shows the PAS modes, the battery indicator and manages the 3-speed PAS modes.   Upgrade option to the LCD display is available.

Comfort is enhanced through a large gel saddle and easily adjustable seat height and storage is also possible using the pannier rack.  


Cosmo Folding Electric Bike

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