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Designed to offer a different approach to bike design – anyone riding a RooDog Rogue will certainly turn some heads!  Styled in matt black aluminium with ‘fat’ tyres and an industrial-looking front light it certainly has lots of character.  Wider profile tyres offer additional ride comfort and the option to ride on alternative terrains with a looser surface such as sand – ideal for taking your adventures further!

For comfort and rider ease the Rogue has a comfy seat, smooth power delivery along with the LCD display, integrated lights and adjustable handlebar stem.

  • 250W 36V rear wheel hub brushless motor offering the maximum speed of 15.5mph which is allowed by UK and EU regulation.
  • 36V 13Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • LCD display has digital display for the battery indicator, management of 5 speed PAS, LED lights system and odometer.  Also contains a USB port to charge you phone if needed.
  • Smooth power delivery with 5 speed pedal assist giving you 30+ miles per full charge on highest speed setting plus throttle which is perfect for pulling away from traffic and hill starts.  Get to work no sweat or just enjoying leisurely bike rides in comfort and style.
  • Shimano 7 speed Megarange manual gears.
  • Kenda, 20” x 4.0 ‘fat’ tyres.

The Rogue’s frame is only 16.5 inches of lightweight aluminium alloy and would suit a rider from 5ft upwards.

The standard battery will do 30+ miles per full charge on level 5 (highest speed setting). Your range will increase dramatically on the lower eco levels. Dependent on weight of cyclist, frequent use of PAS, air pressure in tyres, road condition, etc. Continually using the throttle and/or hill climbing will significantly reduce the range of the battery.  There is a battery upgrade option available to increase to a range of 40+ miles.

People come in all shapes and sizes so our size guide is only advisory. The best thing to do is test them all out and see which RooDog is the one for you.

Roodog Rouge

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